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BC3698 American Monument Cultures

Tips and Tools for Finding Archives

Locally (Barnard Archives and Special Collections):

  • The Barnard Archives and Special Collections has materials related to the history of Barnard College and materials that focus on Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, and Dance. You can see a full list of all of collections held at the Barnard Archives and Special Collections’ on our website.

  • Within CLIO, you can construct a search for a term and “barnard archives” to find relevant collections. For example: feminism “barnard archives”

Locally (Columbia University Archives and Special Collections):

  • In order to find archival collections on Columbia’s campus, within CLIO, you can click on the Archives facet on the side navigation. Search here using keyword to find archival materials related to your research.

  • Another tool is Archival Collections Portal. This tool will show you the same collections via the Archives facet in CLIO, just in a different way.

  • In either case, both CLIO and the Archives Portal searches six repositories within the Columbia Libraries: Avery Library, Department of Drawings and Archives; Burke Library Archives; Columbia University Archives; Health Sciences Archives & Special Collections; Rare Book & Manuscript Library; Starr East Asian Library Rare Books and Special Collections.

  • The Portal currently does not search Barnard collections

Finding Other Archives' Collections:

  • There are a few decent databases to help you find other archival repositories and collections that might match your research question. To start, try ArchiveGrid and Archive Finder, but you can also try WorldCat and Google.

  • Talk with an archivist! Archivists have knowledge about the landscape of institutional collecting and can point you in a good direction.

Databases for Art Images

Large repositories of art images

Select museum collections

Digital museum collections are a great place to find high-quality reproductions of works of art, as well as all the information you need to properly caption your images. Below you will find a selection of New York City museums (and a couple of others too), which have strong digital collections online. 

Online Music Archives